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Configure Consent Management Expiry Warnings

In the Communication Consent Management grid, we use a traffic light system to allow you to easily identify potential issues with communication consent within your customer base.

A green consent date means that you currently have consent to send to that customer. A red consent date means that the consent for that customer was never granted, has expired, or has been revoked. An amber consent date means that you have valid consent for that customer, but that it will expire soon.

By default, the Amber warning will display if the consent is due to expire within the next three months. However, you can adjust this warning threshold to suit your own purposes.

To adjust the Consent Expiry warning threshold, open the Consent Management window and click on the “Config” button in the top-right of the window. In the configuration window, make sure that “Show Expiry Warnings” is ticked, and then adjust the Expiry Warning Threshold to your desired value in weeks. Click “Save” to apply your changes.

Updated on June 21, 2018

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