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Customer Reset Password Component

The Customer Reset Password component allows the user to reset their password.


Configuration options

The following configuration options are currently available for the Customer Reset Password:

This is the unique key that is passed through to the component so we know which user is trying to change their passwords.

This is which version of the widget is used. Default value is set to 1.

This is a boolean value that will detemine whether or not a loading panel will show over the component while its initialising and doing initial API calls. The default value is false.

If you want to redirect the user to a different page on a successful change, you can enter the url here. Please note, as this is a string it must be formatted correctly with both double and single quotes. e.g redirect-url=”‘/go-to-this-url’”.

Min-height is the minimum height of the component in px. Important to set a value here if you want the loading panels to look good. Default value is 0.

Example code

<customer-reset-password loading-panel="true" template="1"></customer-reset-password>

Updated on February 12, 2018

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