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Ordering tyre stock – Creating a purchase order and sending an order to GroupTyre.

Instantly send an order to your local GroupTyre wholesaler in the same way that GroupLink works.

One of the main reasons we refactored the parts system was to include the ability to send orders directly to GroupTyre from within VGM. The beauty of the way this works, is that the order is automatically added to their system – so long as you get a confirmation code back you can rest assured that your tyres will arrive.

You can place an order with GroupTyre in 2 different ways – from the tyres screen, and from a jobsheet. For the sake of this walkthrough, we’ll be focusing on approaching this from the tyres window. To get an idea of how this works from a jobsheet you should read Searching for tyres from a jobsheet.

Creating a purchase order to send to GroupTyre

To start, visit ‘Parts / Tyres > Tyres’ and you’ll arrive at the screen below.


The top half of the screen will show your local stock, and the bottom half of the screen shows available tyres from GroupTyre.

We’ll need to find tyres for a specific vehicle, so I’ll switch the search mode to ‘VRM’ and I’ll look for a vehicle.


This will give me results from GroupTyre that relates directly to the tyre sizes available for that vehicle.


As you can see, we don’t have a tyre in stock for this job, so let’s look at the bottom tab.


Once you’ve decided what tyre you want, simply double click it and it will bring up a popup window with the tyre details.


From here, all that’s left to do is select where you’d like the tyres to come from (by default, this will pre-select your primary wholesaler who will be closer – but they may not always have stock). Below that, enter the quantity of tyres you require and click ‘Send order to Group Tyre’. This will bring up the confirmation popup shown below.


If you wish to order multiple different tyres on a single purchase order, please read Ordering tyre stock – Building up a purchase order of multiple tyres & sending to GroupTyre.


You’ll see here the order has been accepted and we have a MIDaS Order Number. So long as the order status is ‘Accepted’ you order has been received by your wholesaler and the tyres will be on there way.

At this point, a purchase order will also be generated automatically, so you don’t need to create one. Once you’ve clicked close you’ll be back on the tyres window, if you click the ‘Purchase orders’ tab at the bottom you’ll be able to find the newly created purchase order with the tyres you sent to GroupTyre.

What’s next?

So, you’ve placed an order for some tyres – what do you do when the tyres arrive? Receiving stock – Creating a new purchase invoice from an existing purchase order will show you how to enter in received stock.

Updated on January 7, 2019

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